Helix has two subscriptions methods

  • Helix Subscriptions - Simple recurring payments to be used if you are the entity selling the product.

  • Helix Connect - Payments for platforms and marketplaces to be used if you are the platform which will facilitate payments on behalf of your sellers and customers.


A gas price premium is added to each blockchain operation by Helix.

  • Gas fee + 20% charged in USDC.

  • Processing fee (Total fee x 1.4% + 20 cents) charged in USDC.

Helix Subscriptions

  1. Sign up to Helix here to obtain your API keys.

  2. You'll then be invited to the Helix Admin Panel to setup your first product.

  3. Send payment links direct to customer using our hosted checkout service or integrate directly using the API.

Integration via API Steps

Use the API to integrate with Helix Subscriptions application to application.

  1. Follow Authentication here to connect to the Helix API.

  2. Create a Purchase Request


  "itemExternalId": "string", // Purchase Item ID in your DB
  "sellerName": "string", // Name of the seller
  "itemDescription": "string", // Description of the purchase item
  "itemPrice": number, // Price of purchase
  "userName": "string", // Buyer name
  "userEmail": "string", // Buyer email
  "userId": "string", //Buyer id in your DB
  "creatorWalletAddress": "string", // Wallet address for creator royalty
  "sellerWalletAddress": "string", // Wallet address for seller value
  "creatorFee": number // Percentage of creator royalty


  success: bool,
      "url": "" // URL for checkout page
  errors: ["string"]

3. Redirect customer to the checkout URL to complete purchase.

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